This is where it all started with the first brew of HOP. Brew day number one, 23rd April 2012. Britannia Mill, Cobden Street, Bury, Lancashire. Well strictly speaking it all started months before back at the lab (my front room) in Water….. For several months, visitors to chez Garner will have seen hops and malt littering the building in various states of soak, boil, fizz – yes, a soda stream was involved – as the recipe was designed. This however was the moment of truth – all that messing about, all that tasting, thinking, boozing, put into practise!

We took the first 2 firkins to a tent in a field in North Berwick for a friends wedding (thanks to Ailsa and Nial for letting all their guests be my Guinea pigs). Ava pulled the first ever pint, although she was more bothered about her wedding hairdo than the momentous occasion. The beer went down a storm. The fasted selling beer ever in The First Chop – 4 firkins in 4 days in a quiet rainy week in May. Will at Port Street had a taste and took 2 firkins straight from the boot of my car! as did Will at Dulcimer. And that was my first brew gone, in a week 🙂

the malt….  the hops…. the wort…. the yeast…. the first taste…. the first pour…. first time on the bar….then back to the lab to start on number 2

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