Maris Otter 50 Festival and more about our malt…

Here at First Chop, we like to use only use the best ingredients – which means sourcing malt for our beers from Warminster Maltings. Over the years, the Wiltshire-based producer has won a wealth of awards and is the UK’s most historic maltings, with more than 160 years of experience in the Victorian ‘floor malting’ technique that they use for making malt from barley.

As well as using exceptional ingredients, the maltsers place great importance on the ‘terroir’ of the barley that they use – which is something we are particularly excited by. In fact, we think it makes a real difference to our beers. ‘Terroir’ is a French word, meaning ‘sense of place’ that is usually associated with wine production. It refers to the unique qualities passed on through the soil into plants like barley. We actually think that this ‘terroir’ adds real depth of flavour our beers and it was a big factor in our decision when we were shopping around for suppliers.

To explain a bit more: the Maltings use a type of barley called Maris Otter, which is well suited to the particular soil type in the region. This plant was developed 50 years ago, specifically for what’s known as the ‘Icknield Series’ soil that it grows in. Thanks to a combination of factors that include soil type, barley variety, malting process – plus our brewing methods – you can rest assured that your pint of First Chop contains only the best.

First Chop have been invited to take part in the Maris Otter 50 festival, which is happening in Norfolk this weekend to celebrate the fine barley’s birthday. All fifty brewers taking part in the festival will craft a new brew to debut at the event. Ours is called ‘Manchester Sun’ and its brewed from Maris Otter malt with Sorachi Ace and Pacifica hops. Sunshine in a glass just for you.

Maris Otter 50 Festival, Norfolk, Thu 17- Sat 19 Sep. Visit the website now for more details or to book tickets.